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Jewish Holidays

Jewish holidays are meant to commemorate important events in the Jewish history. Each Jewish holiday (Chag or Moed in Hebrew) has its own prayers, customs and traditions, and each is celebrated in a unique way.

We in Jewish Tour specialize in tailoring Jewish holidays vacations in Israel to the special customs of every Jewish holiday and to the special needs of our customers. Jewish Tour markets Israel's top Jewish holidays packages for every holiday- from a Pesach vacation, through a Sukkot vacation, on to Chanukah (Hannukah, Chanuka...) and Rosh HaShana, and on to Israeli holidays such as Yom Ha'Atzmaut (Independence Day).

Jewish Tour markets Israel's top kosher hotels and vacations. We have the most detailed information about each and every hotel, and especially anything regarding hotels' facilities for the Dati. We in Jewish Tour are committed to provide you with maximum pleasure and comfort in your Jewish holiday vacation!

Whether you are looking for the best place to have a Seder in Israel, a Rosh HaShana new year's meal, or celebrate one of the Shalosh Regalim in Jerusalem with its wonderful holy atmosphere- Jewish Tour is your address, since we are best aware of the special needs and requests that each and every Jewish holiday vacation arises.

Come and take a look at the different Jewish holidays deals and vacations Jewish Tour offers you. Also check out our great Jewish holiday calendar to see all dates of Jewish holidays.

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