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Family Simcha

Planning Family Simchas!

"That's how I want my Simcha to be!"

Bar Mitzvah Shabbat, Seven Blessings, Shabbat Chatan, Birthdays or any other family Simcha.
We are proud to offer the following unique all-inclusive Simcha and hospitality packages, designed to pamper:

  • Meals in private dining rooms
  • Highest kashrut in all hotels
  • Prayers in private synagogues including all arrangements (Sefer Torah, Sidurim, Humashim)
  • Receipt of keys at a separate desk
  • Decorative "Welcome" signs
  • Shabbat candle lighting at a beautifully decorated and separate table
  • Elegant plan of the simcha, printed on parchment
  • Ornately decorated Zmiron le Shabbat
  • Dining room and synagogue designed and decorated to suit your requirements by the very best stylists
  • Upscale menu, tailor-made to suit each client's taste
  • Upgrading of hosts' hotel rooms
  • Our representative will be on hand throughout the Simcha
  • Very special prices, before and after Shabbat
  • Wonderful all-inclusive trip with a wide range of sites to see in Israel (includes bus, hotels, entrance to tourist attractions, English speaking guide and more).

Join thousands of satisfied customers who have chosen us to help them celebrate their family simchas! Let us plan a wondrous occasion for you and your family - your wish is our request.
Let us know the budget you have allocated for the event, and we will provide the highest quality simcha - never to be forgotten.
Our many years of experience working with hotels proves extremely helpful to you, and allows us to provide incomparable service and standards.
All you have to do is call or send us an e-mail, and we will be delighted to offer you a selection of locations in Israel, at no obligation whatsoever.

With you every step of the way,
Chen Tourism

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